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Christmas swap 2020

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If only there was smelly vision!!

My whole house is now enveloped in a gorgeous lavender smell!

The double wrapped parcel (that could have made it here without any wrapping paper with just the gazillion stickers on it...) contains a lovely little basket and loads of lavender pouches and handmade lavender soap! It all smells so sunny and summery! Just what I needed in this grey Januari! Thank you so much swappee!





3 minutes ago, mullethunter said:

Yuck - good luck

It’s digital which is 10 times less yuck than having to be in school! Yeah corona!

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10 minutes ago, Luvachicken said:

Those are beautiful gifts.

I can imagine how they smell 😊

How quick did that parcel arrive in the end 😮

Hopefully, the last 2 gifts will arrive sometime and we can post those on here too.

It was stamped the 22nd, so it did well this time. The silly thing is that it did make to the Netherlands, as there is a return sticker pasted over the address in Dutch saying to return it to the sender... And they stuck it over my perfectly legible and correct address... 

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1 hour ago, soapdragon said:

I can almost smell those from here....lovely and calming after Parent's Evening! We had our last Parent's Consultation via Teams.........great! No waiting around as everyone always over runs! Hope it went well!

I know! Teams Parents Evenings are the incredibly bright upside to this Covid snazzle!

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5 hours ago, soapdragon said:

When sending to NZ I hate having to detail contents on the customs slip - bang goes the element of surprise!

You stretch the truth a little - use a different name for the items!   My American friends are quite good at being different on the forms!! So there is still an element of surprise  = home made crafts comes to mind rather than a knitted har!


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