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help me choose some names

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3 ex batt girls arrive on sunday, no names for them yet- was thinking of;


mary, mungo and midge




milly, molly and mandy


some suggestions for a trio of names would be welcome :D

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DH wants to give them 'old lady' names like Beryl, Mavis, Mildred etc (apologies to anyone with those names) :oops:


I quite fancy calling one of them Maud, in the morning I could say 'Come into the Garden Maud' :D


I know! I'll call one Maud, one Mariana and I'll have to search thru some more Tennyson to get the other name, perfect!!!!


Why didn' I think of that before LMAO


**edit** Fatima is a possible for the third name :lol:

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If only The Lady of Shallot had had a name (that was my favourite of his poems) oh well. I suppose I could call one of them Shallot but that's a bit like calling it Paxo!


it would be amusing to introduce thrm by saying "This is Maud, this is Mariana and that's Shallot!" and people would say "but what's the 3rd one called?"



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There is always Goneril Regan and Cordelia.


I might save those for another time.


An acquaintance of mine has 3 rescued girls and as they were what she deemed "tragic heroines" and she is a trained opera singer (retired - not famous!), they are called Lakme, Violetta and Mimi.


Rather lovely I think.

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that is rather lovely :D


with me being a poet, I think I'll go with those Tennyson inspired names.


Well, in a roundabout way, thanks everyone for helping me to come to a decision! :clap:

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