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Bye Bye to Windows

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To be honest IT people seem to find it very amusing :roll: At work we had a program called assignment tools or asstools.....

OH had to persuade a colleague to rename something that was really rude (they write some software for Linux).



I used to work with some developers and they all have the silly sense of humour; the acronyms for some of their programs were unrepeatable :roll:

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Ive just decided to dump windows in favour of ubuntu too......


Got almost everything running that I did have on windows and its now at least 10x faster and free :)


Plus I have Windows xp running on a virtual machine which is just as quick as it ever was :)


Just need to check that my printer prints when im in the office :)

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Which version are you running?


I have 7.04 feisty fawn and it's pretty damn impressive.


If you have any trouble with Nvidia graphics (3d Acceleration) download a package called Envy by Alberto Milano or words to that effect, it works a treat, if you have a good broadband connection.


I would also recommend the Beryl deskopp wizzy thing, every bit as flashy as Vista only you don't need a supercomputer to run it.


Both my machines are now running sweet as a nut, and I am not a IT expert but I do know how to use a forum and ask people who are, same as chickenkeeping really!


I now have a backlog of friends and family who want me to install Ubuntu on their machines too!


I was also seriously impressed with the amount of software available particularly serious/educational stuff.


Edit: it's Alberto Milone






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I went for the 6.06 version, but I think I will reinstall with the latest version as this install is only on a usb hard drive (although very fast I want to use my internal laptop hd).....


I am very impressed too, a few things seem a bit strange like wireless security, seems a little lacking, but thats maybe only in 6.06 but I soon sorted that out with an easy download of a bit of software.........I am considering using it as our desktop / laptop operating system for our office as it seems much more stable than windows, plus having XP in vmware means I havent lost anything........Do any of you have any expereince with "WINE"??? If so would one of you try an application for me, im not sure if its just me or if it plain just doesnt work.......Its only a simple instant messenger that we use for corporate use but I just cant get it to work at all..........


Apart from that im really pleased with how its running, glad you posted this thread as it was this that made me try ubuntu.......



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Wireless can be a bit tricky, I started on 6.10 but it was hard wired although a windows machine shared the the same connection on a wireless router albeit a rubbish one.


The security thing can be sorted with an add on. Mine came with only wep installed but I managed to find a 'how to' on the ubuntu forums to enable WPA and WPA2 and it works great.


If you check the Wine developers site I'm sure there's a list of windows apps that work and the degree to which they work on Wine. From what I've read it does need some tweaking in most cases which at the mo, is way beyond me!


If the word keeps spreading as fast as I think it is, then it won't be long before a lot more applications are available on Linux. I have had three people today ask me if I can install Ubuntu for them.


I have found that most things are easy to find out how to fix, via the forums.


A bit scary at first if you make a mistake, but even if you totally screw things up you can still find the answers on the net by running directly off the install CD.

I did this when my hard disk failed! I put the Ubuntu disk in and ran a fully operational OS from the cd drive and bought a new hard drive off the internet.


Windows don't do that!


I was afraid of getting bombed back to a Linux command line at first, but that's much better than the blue screen of death!


I have a much better understanding of how computers work now too.



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