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Excellent roofing sheets for the chicken run.

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Excellent roofing sheets for the chicken run.

I have used them to replace the timber sheets that lasted only 2 year.

I have used this type of sheets before and they last for ever.

They are made out of roofing felt, very strong, flexible easy to

cut with a wood saw and no sharp edges. You could run a car

over the sheet and it would spring back into shape but I would

not recommend doing that. You can get them in different colours

but I asked for green to match the coop. the cheapest price I could

get them for was £10-00 for a 2m sheet from (Roofingmegastore.co.uk).

Service was excellent and you can also talk to them on the phone.

They also sell the fixings but they are a lot cheaper from (Toolstation).

This type of sheet is an international product so my friend outside the

UK should be able to get them.

I could always put some in my case and bring them to you but you would

have to put me up for a two-week holiday. Joking aside anyone wanting

to come to Northumberland for a holiday are welcome to stay for free with me

in my 3-bed bungalow in a beautiful village but you would have to cook

the meals. Peter.



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