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Change in Comb Shape - normal or worrying?

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My 6 year old Araucana's comb has changed shape this laying season.  I haven't had this happen with a chicken before, or if it has happened then I haven't noticed it, but Clara's comb is a pea comb so perhaps it's easier to see any change there.

Normally her comb is a fairly small ridge, typical of the pea comb you'd expect to see.  Now she has a raised bit, looking like a turret on top of a castle wall!  It's the same colour, bright red, as the rest of her comb and the same texture and she seems her normal crazy self in any other way - she's still going broody every ten eggs or so!  It seems to have grown as she came into lay and has now stopped getting larger.

Is this something that can happen as a chicken ages?  I'm struggling to find information on this.

Thanks all x

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It's certainly not normal, but as it is stable (not growing, so not a tumour) and as she is in perfect health otherwise it's not something I'd worry about. See what happens next year?

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I have 3 girls that stop laying over winter and their combs shrink back during the 'off' season and then get larger and go red again once they come back into lay - they have 'normal' combs so it is easier to see. 

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