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Why oh why don't the government ban the sale of fireworks to the general public and just allow the local councils and those with licences to put on a display on Bonfire Night?


We haven't been effected too badly so far, but they have started here already, every night. There has also been a dedicated 'fireworks' shop open just down the road and I can't believe what they are allowed to sell. It's really scary.

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We've had a lot already as well Gina, and I have to admit I'm with you. I dislike home firework displays, but that's largely because I've seen some nasty injuries from mishandled fireworks in the past and that does prejudice me a little unfairly against people doing their own thing. But official displays tend to be better, more impressive fireworks, last longer and safer than any DIY thing.......... IMHO :wink:

But if individuals want to do their own thing, well OK, but could it not be restricted to Nov 5th, or maybe the closest weekend. All this going on for weeks before and months after is ridiculous. I think we must have some over-excitable South African neighbours, judging by last nights fireworks, which went on and on and on, very noisily until well past midnight :shock:

OK, Bah Humbug, and I'm not even got started on Christmas yet :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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It does always seem at this time of year that the small minority spoil it for the majority and it makes me mad! :x


I must say I dont like going to the large council held displays as there is always a fair, loud banging music (not tradition on bonfire night) and loads of 'yuffs' and i dont feel i can take the OHs God daughter (12) and feel safe! :(


Bonfire night has always been a family affair for me since i was a child and each year we buy our fireworks, have said God daughter round for a special meal and set them off in the back garden. I make mulled wine and we eat parkin while the rockets go off and we write our names with sparklers 8):lol::lol::lol:

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mmmmmmm...mulled wine........ :D



We normally go on the local Steam Railway to a bonfire. It takes you to a small area where they have live, traditional folk or jazzy type music, a small fair for the children and food and mulled wine. It's great. You can only get there by the train, so it's never over crowded. The bonfire is small and we too have sparklers. We tend to avoid the big council run events too. They get too busy for me, like you Em, I'm not too good in huge crowded places.

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I agree wholeheartedly. Damned things should be illegal except for at big organised displays. So far not a sound of one here but then again I'm in the middle of nowhere - unless my neighbors (one either side) have any I think I may not hear them this year.


Last year in Basildon - jeez they went on for months.

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We have had fireworks going off here for a few days now, even during the day.

I have never heard the chickens so noisy, they stretch their necks tall, and squwalk.

We go to the Scouts firework display, very friendly and the only music is the scouts singing campfire songs (we all join in of course!)

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funny because my DH remarked only tonight how we hadn't had any premature fireworks this year, other years it was every night for weeks :(:evil: My dog, who is now completely deaf used to freak out, she panted

and shook so much I was worried she would have a heart attack :( we

discovered that if we gave her Kalms, herbal tranx, she would calm down

immediately and actually sleep through the noise. Other people with dogs

who don't like loud bangs might like to try this.



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we have the odd neighbour who thinks it fun to let off fireworks, and some new ones who moved in this week set some off yesterday.


I was not in a very good mood as Molly wants to chase these bright sparkly things that fly off and make lots of noise (i'm sure she thinks it's great fun but I don't! :roll: )


I was half tempted to go round and knock on the door which would have been interesting.....I was doing a "run through" of the make-up and costume for a halloween party at the time and looked quite scary....well, more than normal :lol:




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we eat parkin while the rockets go off and we write our names with sparklers 8):lol::lol::lol:


Sorry Em, what is parkin???


(i used to write my name in sparklers too) :D:D




Parkin is a yummy sticky cake made with oatmeal treacle and ginger. It must be an Oop North thingy.


You can't have Bonfire Night without Parkin.




4oz soft brown sugar 8oz plain flour

4oz butter 8oz medium oatmeal

8oz syrup 1 teaspoon ground ginger

1 egg ½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

¼ pint milk



Melt the sugar, butter and syrup over a low heat. Beat the egg well and add to the syrup mix with some of the milk. Sift the flour, oatmeal and ginger into a bowl and pour into the syrup mix. Dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in the remaining milk and add to the rest of the mix. Stir well, then pour into a greased tin, 11 by 9 by 2 inch. Bake until firm in a moderate oven (about 1 hour).


Keep for about one week before eating. This improves it massively. Fantastic with custard too.


If some clever mod wants to move this bit to the recipe dept.......I don't want to double post.


Hey....its got an egg in it....it could go in the Omlet Recipe Book! :lol:


Re sparklers....I burnt my hand really badly when i was about 6.


I did the classic trick...I picked one up off the floor....by the hot end.


I can remember the pain to this day. A trip to casualty was involved.


They are dangerous things....I hate them Light sticks are more sensible.

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Tessa thats a good tip about the Kalms, my dog tries to compete with the noise :roll: Is it the normal Kalms you get from the high street? (I mean not a special doggy one :lol: )



We tried something different with my sister's dog - particularly in thunderstorms - can't remember if we tried it for fireworks or not.......can't remember where I got the idea, but playing CDs of Mozart's music - especially his choral works visibly calmed her down. It was amazing to watch....... :)

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I dont like the big displays, and the council run one in hull is just awful, huge waste of money and its very impressive and they start it about 6pm......


We had a very good display at our house last year, everyone chipped in and ours was far better than any local ones we could have gone too, people have to remember that they can be dangerous, we cant ban everything in this country and people just need to take more responsibility or the government needs to up the age to 21 to buy these kinds of things.


We have had fireworks at home since I can remember and we have never had any problems and dont know anyone who has, but they have to be handled with care.


I agree though its very annoying when people let them off during the day, seems like a waste of money to me. :roll:

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