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Weird lumps on chicken

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We rescued some ex-caged hens yesterday afternoon and noticed one of them has these weird lumps on her face and both legs (at the exact same position)- they look like a emerging 5th toe.

anyone seen anything like this?






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Thanks Cat tails - yes it is weird.  I've never seen this sort of thing before on the face either but given how uniform they are on the legs it would make sense if they are spurs trimmed.

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The 'lumps' on the back of the legs are indeed spurs. Quite common to see them on hens as we have several with spurs. Those are just beginning to grow. Later they may develop sharp points which might need rounding off with a file.

The lump on the face looks like some kind of cyst? I'd only worry if it continues to grow, in which case it could affect the eye and would need vet treatment perhaps?

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