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Avian influenza 2021

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Complying is not going to limit infections in wild birds, but is reducing the risk of infecting your chickens. Like @Patricia W said, bird flu is likely to be a zoonotic disease and able to infect humans to some degree. So limiting your own contact with wild birds is sensible too. 

In the Netherlands these measures are also in place to protect the poultry industry. If backyard flocks become reservoirs of flu, those can form risks for poultry farms.

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Thanks both. Taking steps to limit infection in birds which might come into close contact with humans seems reasonable given the risk of human infection.
I disagree that keeping the chickens under cover is no problem for them, though. Even with a pretty huge walk-in run, my chickens would still much rather be exploring the garden. Seeing them scratch around in wood chips all day seems pretty miserable to me. Fingers crossed it doesn’t last until April again.

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Chickens, like many animals, live in the present.  As long as they have sufficient space, food, water and somewhere to scratch around they are content.    After all, even without AI, many chickens are never able to free range because of the threat of predators in the vicinity.  They are happy, not deprived, just being kept safe. 

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