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Something strange seems to be going on at the moment in my bunny household. I think one of my bunnies is having a mid life crisis (even though she's only 18 months old!!!). For some strange reason she has stopped eating her carrot, which she normally get a bedtime. Previously she use to devour the carrot in about 30 seconds flat! I've not changed the type of carrot - I'm still buying organic or from the local farm shop. Has anyone elses bunny suddenly stopped eating their carrots???? She's eating ok otherwise - all the pellets go and so does the floret of broccoli she sometime gets in the morning.


She's also changed her toilet habits. She is currently in lovely wooden hutch and for the last 8 mths has done her business in the bedroom by the door. For the last couple of weeks, she's started pooing everywhere and I mean everywhere! She is still spending a penny in the bedroom but now in all 3 corners! Again, any ideas why she's suddenly gone from being a well trained girl to a complete nightmare? Since we remove all the soiled bedding morning and nightime, we are getting through so much straw and shavings it's unbelievable!!

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