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knitting books

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my friends 6 year old daughter wants to know how to knit.


I unfortunately dont live close enough to help at every dropped stitch :lol:


does anyone know of an easy to read and understand book that will help her (her mum doesnt have a clue - but she can follow easy instructions :lol: )


I would be grateful of any help.


I am going to get little one a set of needles, some brightly coloured wool, and a "knitting bag" to put them into. she has seen my knitting and now feels very strongly that toy bunny must have a scarf for winter, that she MUST knit - on her own :lol:

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no... but i recomend the big needles because stuff grows really quickly! that way both her and bunny will be warm. :D


the first scarf i made for my self was with 10 mm needles :shock: and sirdar frizz wool (not sure about the name of the wool :shock: ... it was one of those ones that had pieces of ribbon ande fluufy stuff on) :D


any who... i cast on 5 stitches and kept going in normal stitches until the ball was gone! i also added tassles in a lighter plane yarn! :mrgreen:


get her doing this and she wont loose heart because she is spending hours doing something that grows s l o w l y! :wink:

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