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Guest Poet

forum bit slow today so here's a pic! :0)

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DH was doing a bit of gardening today and the girls were following him everywhere. It's like watching the Pied Piper :lol:



I snapped this from the bedroom window, spot the 4th chicken! ;)



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that's Shalott's BTM alright! :)


I don't often manage to get her on camera as she's usually running around like a mad thing! :D


a few seconds before I took the photo, they were all around Dh's wellies, sod's law that I didn't have the camera to hand at that precise moment! They are so nosey, they always have to be in on the action :lol:

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LOL I can rarely get a picture of my 3 either as as soon as they see me they come racing over to see if I have any treats etc. :roll:

Have you managed any more cuddles yet Poet?



erm no :roll: but that's my fault, not been outside, too cold and been quite busy recently. :lol:


DH has been stealing all my cuddles instead! :D Him and Maud are very close but he said when she hears my voice she legs it to the back door, ahhh, bless :cry:


I need to go and cuddle them soon, I've got chicken withdrawl symptoms! :shock:

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