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The Bantam of the Opera

help with practical poultry.

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Cut and pasted from their site...



15.07.07 at 19:09:24 In order to reduce the impact of spammers we are monitoring applications to the forum. At the moment this is experimental while we assess its impact, so don't be put off! It's to protect our friendly environment and is a positive move.


Please email PP.forum@kelsey.co.uk with the username you'd like to be registered with, and a valid email addresss from a paid for account (ie NOT Hotmail/Google etc) to activate your membership. If you don't send a username, you'll be allocated one from your email account name.


Please don't send a password, you will receive one in your confirmation email, which you can change to one of your choice by going to your Profile, once you are logged in.


If you have already been registered as a member in the past but can't remember your password, please DO NOT try to re-register. Use the password reminder option on the login screen.


We aim to activate your account within 24 hours, but in some circumstances there may be a delay.


Membership of this forum is discretionary and discussion will not be entered into if an application is refused.

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thanks coastie, the problem is i dont have a paid email adress, just my "Ooops, word censored!"py hotmail one. i would be eternally grateful if you could post on there for me chicken04. :D and yes it is a buff orpington. a very lovely one at that. his friend was eaten by a fox and now that i see pictures of them together im almost certain she was a hen. why did the focx have to get that one. :(


erm i posted on river cottage this


"I got my cockerel at 20 weeks as a pet and i thought it was a hen but hes started crowing and trying to mount my little light sussex.


i live in luton and would be willing to deliver within reason.









I just want him to go somewhere where he wont be eaten. :oops::lol:




its probably a bit childish but thats just how i am. :oops:



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