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Omlet Eglu Cube Mk2 in purple plus walk in run and accessories - Littlehampton

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Selling due to house move. Most of this kit is in really good condition however, there are a few things of note mentioned below.
-We have owned this set-up since the winter of 2016. The first picture shown was taken just before disassembly last week. We noticed that there are areas of corrosion where the paint has failed on some of the steel supports.  Pictures included show examples of the corrosion. As we live on the coast this is probably to be expected. Omlet mentioned re-painting these areas in their FAQ:

"Can I keep my run outside all year round?
The metal chicken runs are designed to be used outdoors for years to come. However, we recommend that you check the run regularly for signs of corrosion, especially if you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions or close to the sea. Corrosion will occur if the coating has been scratched or scraped for example. If you do see some, remove any loose rust and touch up with a weather resistant paint. If you have covers on your run and experience heavy snowfall it's advised you clear the snow off the roof to avoid the panels being damaged from the weight.”

-We had some trouble lifting the run skirt out of the ground as some nearby bamboo roots had grown around it. There are two sections where I had to cut through the skirt (not easy!) as the bamboo wasn’t giving in. Pictures included show the damaged parts.
The links below give examples of the items listed but I can’t guarantee that these haven’t been subtly changed by Omlet in the intervening years. 

Eglu Cube Mk2 with 2m Run and Wheels

Walk in chicken run 2x2x1

Connection kit for chicken run to Eglu cube with run

Chicken swing

Omlet chicken fencing with gate - 21m (cut in two with gate in the middle)
I’m not sure of the condition of this, it may need some repairs. It has been cut in half to allow the gate to be in the middle as we had it sectioning off our garden and attached to a wall (before Omlet decided to offer this as an option!). Very useful stuff as it can easily be moved around.

Purple Eglu cube feeder

Purple Eglu Cube drinker

Shade cover (a bit tatty but functional)

Pendant peck toy

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