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selling the hen keeping idea to my colleagues

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bonjour tout le monde! :D


i've had my lovely chooks for just under a year now, and of course i have been talking about it at work, and in my school (i am a teacher... guess the subject) you say one thing and the next day everyone knows it...




a few of my colleagues have come to me and asked me about the pros and cons of keeping hens...

now, i know that you know that i know these pro and cons...


but i want the right words to advertise it to them...

they will know fairly soon about the taste of the eggs, because i will bring a few to them this week.

i think they are all concerned about their gardens, and i don't want to come up with "you will need to protect or fence this or that" because it will sound rather negative to them...


anyway, in the end, here is what i would like to know...:


what is your best line when you want to sell the henn keeping idea???



bisou a tous! :wink:


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