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colour eggs who?

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My wyandotte bantam lays pale cream eggs, often nearly white with faint grey speckles - and of course they're much smaller than a standard hen's egg! Rhode Island Reds lay brown eggs, I do know that - no idea about silkies.


There are several blue-egg-laying breeds, all derived from the Araucana, a South American hen with a funny little crest. Hybrids based on the Araucana include Cream Legbars, Columbines, Skylines and Jasmines, but they don't always breed true - about 60-80% lay blue eggs (or sometimes green or khaki ones) and the rest lay the same colour as their non-Araucana parent stock. Basically:


* Araucana + white egg layer = blue eggs

* Araucana + beige egg layer = green eggs

* Araucana + brown egg layer = khaki eggs


My little brown bantam who looks like she might be an Araucana cross lays pinky-beige eggs :)

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