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get my ex-batts tomorrow QUESTION

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usually the BHWT peeps do it, they'll also clip their toe nails and give them a basic health check. You can always ask on the day if it's been done and if not, someone on here can advise you how to do it I'm sure.


Have a great day t'row :D

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I homed 3 ex batts last April and 4 more this weekend.


My 3 last year have never had their wings clipped and have never tried to fly ( I dont think they know they can!!!)


Between myself and my neighbour is a 4' fence, they have never attempted to fly over this. I think you should just play it by ear, if they start to flap and fly too high then maybe you will have to clip, but most ex batt owners I know do not clip and this have never been a problem.


Best of luck tomorrow!!

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ours already had their wings clipped when we got them but I'm playing it by ear to see, now their feathers have grown back, if they try and take off. We have 6 foot fences so I'm hoping we'll be okay :D

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