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BHWT on Radio 4

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Forgive me if this is somewhere else - I couldn't see it!


I happened to listen to Radio 4 this afternoon from 3pm. It was about training fish to perform. Then suddenly the reporter was in a motorway service station car park waiting for the battery hens to arrive. Jane Howarth was interviewed and a family from Wiltshire was followed home - Andrew Bailey - to see the new hens settling in.


Did anyone else hear it?

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WE were there and interviewed by John - were we mentioned in dispatches - Jayne and Sue?


It was a unforgettable experience. A real mixture of heart ache and Joy. The atmosphere was surreal - so quiet The girls didn't make a noise all the way home.


We went for 5 and came home with 8 - very shell shocked when we got them home and yesterday 5 had managed to come out of the cube all on their own. We are amazed that with all they have put up with in their short lives that they are so trusting and OK around us as we sit with them! :D:?(cube orange)GNRGNRGNRGNRGNRGNRGNRGNR

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Hi Myrtle. I'm afraid I had to switch off, so I didn't hear you. But from what I heard it was an excellent and sympathetic piece.


It's lovely hearing the stories of these wonderful hens settling in so well and so quickly. Great that their natural instincts return so soon. :D

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