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Litter train and bites

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it's me agian. I have 2 problems...


1) How do you litter train rabbits? mine dig in the litter tray instead of using it as a toilet!


2) Last week I gave one of my rabbits some pellet food and tried to stroke him while he was eating but he then bit me quite hard. I assume he thought I was stealing his food and he hasn't bitten me once since that but my other one nips sometimes - she bit my sister a couple of days ago. They are both obsessed with chewing clothes. I say NO when they do but how can I stop them biting people and clothes? (green eglu):?


thanks for any help,


Alice, Luna and Blue.

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Hi there


Litter training a rabbit is done by putting some of their soiled bedding into the litter tray..try also to remove soiled bedding from anywhere else in the hutch, run or eglu so they dont confuse the scent. If you regularly disinfect the area then the only pee scent they should pick up is the one in their litter tray and they should start to gradually get used to only going there.


As for the biting, my young rabbit fudge does the same. Sometimes they dont like something in their way and they bite to get it out of their way..they dont distinguish a finger from a piece of straw sometimes! The best thing to do is to give them toys or wood sticks to chew on. While they are busy chewing gradually get tghem used to your hand resting on them and then stroking them. Eventually your rabbit shoul dbe comfortable knowing you stroke them when they are chewing..it becomes a routine.


Hope this helps


Naaila :wink:

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