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Oh My!!!!!!!! This has made Charlie's day!

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WOW! a bunny eglu!!!


Just wanted to say, James et al, once again you have done a fantastic job!


If only i could afford one :cry: sob sob sob, my beautiful lilac rex rabbit would be a very happy boy. Unfortunately, the chooks don't like him much and he gets a peck if he comes too close, so he cant share with our girls!

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I'm lusting after a bunny eglu too, and trying hard to justify spending that much money on one. Hubby isn't convinced yet :roll:

But during the day whilst the chickens are free ranging we put the rabbit into the eglu run. He has a great time up and down the run, and sleeping in the nesting box. He really seems to love it, and whilst he's still only a baby really it definately gives him enough space to stretch.

When chooks are looking to go to roost bunny comes into the house for some cuddles and a run around. He only has to go to his hutch to sleep at night.

We've lost previous rabbits to Mr Fox, the old run that we had was foxed with the rabbit in it, during the day when we thought she'd be safe, and conventional hutches are just too small for bunnies, keeping them cooped up in those all the time just seems cruel.

We have a large garden and we know that the perimeter fencing isn't that great so we daren't let the rabbit free range, he's so small he'd squeeze through a gap, and that'd be it, another foxes breakfast.

Actually, there's another argument for a bunnylu, I keep talking about renewing fencing & building walls. A bunnylu would be so much cheaper. :)

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Awww poor Marble and Charlie...if only bunnies could pay rent like chickens do!


Having said that, our bun has such an enormous hutch he probably doesnt need a rablu. Its two tiered and is about 4 times the size of a 'large' hutch you could buy at a pet shop thanks to the carpentry skills of my dad. It has lasted about 8 years without a leak which is pretty good, as my old bunny Smokey used to live there before Charlie, he lived to a grand old age of 8!


Charlie is allowed to 'free range' with the chickens when we are with them but not at other times because if he tried he could probably squeeze through a gap somewhere or another. I do like your idea of shutting the rabbit in the eglu run whilst the chickens are free range though, thats something to think about which might work for us too!!


Good to talk to other chicken and bunny owners!!!

Hope Marble and the chooks are well,

Claire x

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