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New home wanted for lovely hen

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Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 4:55 pm Post subject: New home wanted for a Speckledy



Have just read this on the RC website...thought somebody out there may be able to help.



Hi all,

I have a very sweet natured Speckledy hen, about 8 months old, who is very keen to hatch some eggs. We don't have the space to allow her to and as we only have two hens our other one is become very fed up with constantly loosing her companion as she broods yet again.


If anyone out there would like a broody, and perhaps to swap a good laying, not too flighty hen for our lady, please let me know.


Anything you want to know, please ask.



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I hope Jo finds a new home for the broody hen. It's frustrating when one hen isn't working! Clarry's been laying soft shelled eggs or no eggs at all for 3 weeks now and we're accepting that she's likely to be just a pet who lays the occasional egg now. She's Ollie's favourite so we can't get rid of her. I hope Izzy's a good regular layer once she gets started to make up for her!

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Hang in there Kate, that is just the way Ginger was and now there is no stopping her infact it is Babs who is laying soft eggs or had been until I used the Shellstim again.................. :lol: She may well get back on track soon, I know you would never get rid of her, but I think she will lay good eggs again.............. :D

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