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Is she normal?

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Hi Everyone


Just wondering if anyone could reasure me that everything is ok with Valarie. She laid her first egg last Thursday and then had a day off. She then laid for the next 5 days on the 5th day a much larger egg. Since then she has laid a soft egg yesterday and nothing today. Is this normal? Do I need to give her more grit/oyster shell? will anything put her off laying? eg Lola pushing her off nest. :? Would be gratefull if anyone can help



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Hi Kerry

Yup she's perfectly normal!


If she has only just begun to lay then until all her "laying gear" has settled down she might lay odd eggs now and again.


The oyster shell (some people use ground up baked egg shells) will give her the calcium she needs to lay nice firm shells.


As well as just getting into the swing of things soft shelled eggs could be a sign that she has had a fright - do you / your neighbours have cats / dogs / unruly children that might of given her a scare?


The grit is so that she can grind up the food in her crop.


does this help at all?

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