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IMPORTANT - Sneezy, coughing, sniffly chickens

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There have been a few cases where chickens have developed sniffles, runny noses, coughs and sneezes. If you notice any of these symptoms in your recently delivered hens, please read the following message from Johannes at Omlet HQ....


I took a hen to the Vet, who is an avian specialist, on Friday to have it checked. He said that she had a mild cold that could be cleared up with antibiotics so we have medicated the entire flock. The condition of the flock here is good and we haven't had any deaths, but the vet said that moving the hens would stress them and this could exacerbate the cold symptoms by suppressing the immune system. Hopefully the treatment here should stop customers from having any problems. I think the best thing to do with people with sneezy hens is to ask them to call us, we will then probably advise them to take their hens to the Vet for a check up.


Thanks :D

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