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Hen not laying yet? Check out these topics!

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If your girls are a little slow in the egg laying department - don't despair, you're not alone!


Check out the following topics for useful hints and tips, reassurance and the comfort of knowing others have been there before and have come through it to find eggs and more eggs!


Simply click on the following links -



My chicken hasn't started laying


Losing the will to keep chickens


Laying or not


Nearly seven weeks and still no eggs




My Chickens aren't laying




Chicken Curry


and finally.....the light at the end of the tunnel......


Eggstasy, Eggreka or....



1 Twickenham Chicken is laying


First Egg


Finding First Eggs


Our First Eggs

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Just to add a further note to give encouragement to non egg laying chicken owners.... My Eglu arrived on 13th November, my Miss Pepperpot laid her first egg on the 19th December, and has laid one every day since then, and my Gingernut Ranger has laid her first egg this morning, 10th January.

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Just having a look through the forums and I wanted to add something.Their company is enough to make them a great pet and worthwhile, eggs are a bonus. I've only had mine a few days so have no idea when the big event will be. I think that's something we can't control, no fast food here!


Considering what a sad life alot of chickens have, looking at mine I think it's great that these girls are pampered and just starting a full and happy life!



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