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Linda H

More dirty knickers!

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I read the posting on dirty knickers the other day and last night when I was putting Georgina back in the run noticed she had a stinky bum with matted feathers. I brought her in today and and bathed her in warm water. Her vent was smelly crusty with a small flap of skin partially detached. She seems fine in herself and stood happily eating sunflower seeds while I washed her bottom. Her poos are normal. She has not laid since November when Matildia was killed by a fox. Any ideas? Should I add tea tree oil to the water tomorrow and if so how much?

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it was my original post about dirty knickers linda. Someone posted on there that if it was poo on their knickers and not dirt that something could be wrong somewhere.


my Ella's bum was poo and mud. :? no signs of tears/wounds...but she's perky, laying, eating healthily, been wormed on flubenvet, has access to grit, has poultry spice - so im not too concerned - what else could it be??!!


im sure someone else will be along in a mo to advise about tea tree oil.


my chooks loved having their knickers done though :D

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Thanks for the advice :D I dont think her vent has been pecked as their run is right outside the kitchen windows on the patio, (now the eglu winter quarters what with all the rain and the grass being a mud bath) and I have been keeping an eye on them. I can't see what happen in the eglu.Will use anti peck spray tomorrow which we got in the first week we got the chooks but have not needed since.


She still seems fine in herself and is eating and drinking well. The vent still seems to be a normal size too with no swelling so would that indicate that it isnt a prolapse? I think I remember reading a post with a picture of a prolapse which looked like a bulging pink grape size.


On another topic has anyone had problems with their children complaining aboput the noise from their foxwatch? Both of my children complain about the noise it makes!

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