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An eglu for Robins?

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Had a funny time in the garden with the girls as always. Seems like they are going to follow in the family footsteps and become twitchers too....


We had a pretty big rain storm and I was sheltering whilst the girls were taking a quick shower in the middle of the lawn. We have some very diligent robin parents :D who have been nesting in our garden and are still looking after one from their latest brood.


Baby robin decided the eglu cube would be a good place for him to shelter....poor thing though, after hopping up the ladder and flying around he was completely disoriented and couldn't seem to find the door way. :shock: Quickly in to action Rizzo PP and Fudge GNR went to investigate their breech in security. Now he really was trapped and probably a little intimidated :| . Mummy robin to the rescue, stood on the other side of the run calling and trying to bribe him out with a big juicy worm in her beak. Worm :o ! The girls don't miss a thing as far as food is concern and poor mummy robin was quickly descended on by Margot PP.


Thankfully she scarpered and baby managed to squeeze himself through the wires to freedom and hopefully a well deserved worm :P.

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