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hatching eggs on the way!!

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woo hoo!! oh the excitement!!


my Indian Runner duckk has gone all broody... which is just great as we don't have the drake anymore so she's sitting on my breakfast!! :roll:


that said, I had this great idea - she's done this twice in teh last couple of weeks so she obviously wants to be a mum (I think she's jealous cuz my own bump is developing nicely!). I bought some hatching eggs from eBay and hopefully they should arrive today!!!


I realise that this may not work at all and the eggs may be infertile or whatever but why not give it a go eh?! hehe


VERY exciting!


knowing my luck, they will all hatch and I'll end up with six baby drakes and one mummy but we'll cross that bridge and all that.


am v excited about the whole thing though! :D

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well, the hatching eggs came - most exciting! All six were looking good so I sneaked them into the nest while Jemima wasn't looking and she's been sitting happily on them for nearly two weeks!!


Slight technical hitch last weekend when one of the dogs stole one and ate it! I think I was more annoyed than the duck was though!!


shouldn't be long now and fingers crossed, we will have some ickle duckies!!

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