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Not sure if this is placed in the right section.

Our hens are very new to us. As yet they are not laying but we were told that they should be in about two weeks time. For us that makes it 9.8.07ish. Yep tomorrowish.

I noticed yesterday that when I went to the run to give them a few afternoon treats their faces and ears went bright red. Almost as though they were blushing big time. After a short time, generally when the goodies had stopped their faces returned to the normal colour. If I just went to them and talked to them their faces might redden a bit but the colour soon faded.


Yes we are still at the stage where there are so many things that worry us. Is this something that is a problem, do hens get high blood pressure??

Any advice would be gratefully read. Other then this they eat, scratch, talk and investigate as they always have done.


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Their faces do flush before they start to lay. I've noticed that ours colour up and then seem to pale a bit after they've been out of the run for a bit. I could be wrong but I think it's a hormonal thing and definitely linked to laying. I wouldn't worry. I also think they get a bit flustered when there's treats about!


Best wishes... enjoy your impending eggs!


Edge Wife xx

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