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re integrating ducklings to flock

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we have a possibly tricky situation...


our broody chicken gave up sitting on her duck eggs quite late in incubation (not her fault-stupid redmite came to visit!) thankfully we managed to borrow an incubator and hatched 6 call ducklings. we were expecting our chicken to look after them so are now wondering when we should re introduce them to the flock? they are now about 2 weeks old


our coop has 5 chickens and a pair of call ducks ( hence the fertile eggs)


the tricky bit is that whilst I have been preoccupied indoors with our little ducklings our duck has gone broody and is sitting on 8 eggs!


by the time the new litter(?) is due our first 6 will be 4 weeks old....


am I right to assume that at 4 weeks old the first 6 are too big to add to the new additions for our duck to take under her wing?


if so how and when would be the best way of us re introducing the ducklings to the flock?


many thanks and sorry for the mini essay!

( also if this ends up being a double post my apologies-having internet trouble!)

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