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Clostirium Perfrigens - Help Needed

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I've currently got a chicken that has lost a heck of a lot of weight but still has an appetite. Very watery green poos for about 2 weeks.
We went to the vets who did several tests on the sample and couldn't see anything like Coccidia but gave us 2 days worth of Baycox anyway, and noted only a few worm eggs. She recommended using some Flubenvet and also gave some medication to help her diarrhea until the float test could be done (usually given to larger animals, but has been used before), but we have seen no immediate change.

I've been doing hours of googling each day and I'm almost certain it s Clostridium.

I am talking with the vet later today, but have a feeling she might not have any ideas how to treat it.

Has anyone got any ideas on what I can do, or treatments that have worked. Do I absolutely need to get antibiotics or will increasing the good bacteria cure it?


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