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How many ladies in a 6'x6' walk in run?

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I currently have a 6'x6' walk in run with an eglu classic attached in the outside, I have 2 hens happily living in there at the moment. 

I have branches & sticks all the way to the top of the run which gives them an extra area to get to.

Unfortunately they are confined to the run only.

I'm looking for more info on how many hens I could humanely keep within this area...?


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In my experience Murray, 2m2 is the minimum area per enclosed hen before you get problems. Now that does also depend on the characters, but usually you get a bully, even in a tiny flock and usually you get one that is so timid it won't fight back. Perhaps you could have had three youngsters in there, but it is too late to introduce another and also impractical, as the newbe will certainly be bullied and likely seriously injured or killed. New birds should be added as bonded pairs; they will have been in 2 week quarantine together and you certainly couldn't put 4 in that run of just 3m2. If your hens are happy now I would keep them that way. Perhaps if you lose one in the future you could add two youngsters for company of the loner; something we've just had to do.

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