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Chick hasn’t absorbed yolk after hatch! Help please!

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I have a chick that has had problems hatching- it hadn’t progressed from the pip stage for about 24hrs so I started to help out a little but realised the blood vessels hadn’t absorbed so left it and checked it about every 12hrs. In total it’s been about 50hrs now, the blood vessels have absorbed but I can see the yolk sac hasn’t fully absorbed. It’s still partially in the bottom half of the shell and I’m worried that keeping it like that for so long will be detrimental but also worried about damaging the yolk sac? How long can a chick stay in it’s pre hatch position without being damaged? It’s quite lively and chirping. Not sure if I should get it out of the shell and hope the yolk sac absorbs more later? Thanks for any help and advice

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