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Eglu for ducks

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I have just bought the Eglu duck house with 2M run for 2 ducks. Just wondered - what people put on the floor in the house?

Also do you lock them in to the house over night or just leave them to have free range between the home and the run?



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Hi, I’ve had ducks in an classic eglu since March. They seem to ignore the house completely and just sleep in the run but maybe that’s because it’s summer.

I’ve taken the roosting bars out and have put aubiose in the nest box.

They come out to free range in the day then I lock them into their run & house at night.

it works fine and they seem happy.

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Hi I am new to keeping ducks. I have hatched three miniature appleyard ducks they are 6 weeks old now. I have the classic eglu duck house and 2 meter run.

Can you tell me how you get them into the house at night, with the run attached???

many thanks for any help


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