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Used 'Classic' or 'Go' wanted.

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Hi all.

If anyone has or knows anyone who is looking to sell either of the above, please get in touch as I didn't get a reply from the seller from Kent who posted on here last weekend. I live in near Aylesbury in Bucks. but am happy to travel to collect.

Many thanks!!

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Hello! We are based in West Sussex near Haywards Heath and are sadly retiring our two beauties to a lovely farm this Sunday PM. We have a 4 year old Eglu Go (purple) with 1.8msq low run (could be transformed into a Go Up with extra kit); 2 sets of feeders (pink and purple); chicken swing; hanging feeder for veg scraps; an Eglu weather cover and some additional connectors for the run.

All in this would be around £600 new. There is some general wear and tear, but it's all still good and very functional. I can send photos on Sunday once it's all scrubbed down.

We're asking for £350.

Best wishes,



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We are selling our MK1 Classic (Green - but faded, as you'd expect!) with run, fence and some accessories.  We live to the north of Milton Keynes.  I'm about to put an advert on this forum, so please refer to that for more details, but I thought it might be useful to let you know as we're quite close to you.  

Kind regards, Claire.  

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