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Escape behaviour in the evening in one of my young hens

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Me and my partner are new to owning chickens and have had our small flock for nearly 3 weeks now. They are all around 16 - 18 weeks old and very happy and healthy. 

One odd thing we have noticed in one of them (rhode island red) is some evenings before they all take themselves off to bed, one hen begins to pace up and down looking up as if wanting to escape and on a couple of occasions she has tried to jump and fly over the fencing. She never tries this during the day and has only done this on 2 or 3 occasions, not every day, it seems to be on the days when she has been out in the run all day (we have a coop and a larger run). 

We can't think what it can be that seems to be making her agitated, any suggestions? 

Thanks in advance :)

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