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Battery Hen Welfare Trust/BHWT - NEWS

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The BHWT works with the British farmer to promote British Free Range eggs and products containing them. The BHWT is not a radical organisation but a registered Charity working with the full support of the British farmers, who allow us into their farms.


Omlet are supporters of the trust, they donate £15 when you purchase an eglu to house BHWT ex battery hens, check the chickens section for more info.


The adoption of 'spent hens' helps give the hens a chance of a free range retirement ,instead of slaughter without ever having the opportunity to carry out instinctive behaviours like flapping, scratching and dust bathing! It also helps raise awareness of the plight of the humble hen in a cage.



Help a hen from her cage like this:


Donate online at our website, at a rescue, by cheque to our HQ or at Jimmy's farm markets, which we attend (see the get togethers thread)


You can support us by buying the Allen and Page Ex Bats Feed *here*



Next Market is: TBA


Visit our market stall and purchase a jute bag or keyrings, pens, badges and cards. Also available from our website http://www.bhwt.org.uk.


Tell friends and family about BHWT and buying British free range eggs and products containing eggs


Check labels and tell others to check too, if it doesn't say free range then it is most likely to be a battery egg


Do some fundraising for BHWT, ideas always welcome


Adopt some hens yourself or sponsor a hen


Subscribe to our newsletter online and save us postage


You can now attend my Omlet hen parties and all proceeds go to BHWT. See courses and look for Jayne Cox (me) :D


Please look out for stickies, in other sections, with details of waiting lists and adoption practice . if a hen can wait in her cage for a year for her well deserved retirement, a few weeks wait to adopt isn't so long, is it! The hens are really hoping you'll be patient, thank you.


A huge thank you and feathery hug to Omlet and all the supporters on the forum!



Jayne/ Buffie x :D



The original BHWT sticky can be found here


viewtopic.php?t=4581 :D

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Christmas fundraising!


I have had an email from Lynette ( She has adopted ex battery hens and bought a cube) Very Happy


Anyway she has self published a fab book called 'Interesting Snippets' It's a lovely pressie and all proceeds go to BHWT


Go on treat someone or yourself and here's the link



Interesting Snippets:  the book



Thanks Lynette



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Hen Jumpers for ex batts

The BHWT does not usually recommend knitted jumpers for hens in cold weather. Although a lovely idea, the jumpers can sometimes cause the birds to get entangled leading to possible injury, especially if the knit is loose. However, they can be useful if the bird is unable to move around, perhaps through injury, and extra warmth is needed.


Our general advice on keeping threadbare hens warm in winter is to keep them well protected from the wind and wet by providing not just a good hen house, but also storm shelter outside the hen house. The cold weather itself will stimulate the bird into feather production and a vitamin and mineral supplement like Poultry Spice or Life Guard will also encourage new feather growth. If a bird is completely featherless, heat lamp facilities should be provided until feathers appear. Other tips include giving the birds regular access to warm water and ensuring they have good deep bedding.


The residents of the elderly ladies’ home had already knitted some jumpers for the hens and as a result we did not want to disappoint their kind gesture. It is really encouraging that people are starting to view hens as sentient creatures so worthy of our care.


Thanks for your support of BHWT.

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BHWT- Allen and Page Ex Bats feed


Every 20kg bag sold gives the BHWT a 50p donation!


BHWT found that Ex-Bats had increased requirements, nutritionally , and have worked with Allen and Page to develop a feed to meet these needs, for life. It’s also a perfect feed for ageing or underweight hens or those requiring a little extra support, perhaps laying soft shelled eggs etc.


The testimonials for the feed have been written by BHWT ,so you know it must have impressed us, and Garlic,Nettle,Fenugreek,Yeast, and other natural ingredients have been added to supplement the feed and provide ‘drug free’ benefits to the hens bodily systems. It's also vegetarian society approved and GM free.


As a guide, this feed is nutritionally balanced and it's advised to keep treats and supplements to a minimum.


Prices will vary on the outlet or part of the country you live in but this is the rough guide for a 20kg bag:


Ex Bat Pellets £8.99 - £10.49 .


Ex Bat Crumb £ 9.49 - £10.99


So it does what it says on the bag, for the whole of the hens life, and is now ready to order Nationwide!


You can view discussions about the feed and suppliers *here*


Please email me if you have difficulties purchasing the feed ( they tell you they don't stock it etc) Just provide me with the name of the stockist and a telephone number and we'll have a word :D Equestrian stores will also be able to order the feed. Just email me at jayne.cox@bhwt.org.uk :D


Now also available in the OMLET shop

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