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Extreme Temperature blanket - Midwestern USA

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Hello! We are new chicken owners, using the Eglu Cube Mk 2 with enclosed run. Things are going well but I am already looking ahead to winter and how to best keep our 3 hens comfortable (Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, and Speckled Sussex). We live in the Midwestern United States and see extreme variation in our temperatures; over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity in the summer, to well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. I tried to choose breeds that would be winter hardy and plan to move the coop to be somewhat protected from wind, but still...the wind blows on this prairie! 

I am curious about the Extreme Temperate blankets offered by Omlet. What do they consider 'extreme'? I saw somewhere a recommendation for below 0 degrees but did not know if that was F or C. From searching the forums, there doesn't seem to be much experience with the blankets given the more temperate climates of many of the users. I understand that the hens will feather accordingly for the weather but am still concerned about the crazy cold snaps we have many winters; a few years ago it got down to negative 35 ' F! I'd rather be more prepared than not! Thanks in advance!

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