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Virginia Fox

Virginia Fox

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All 5 of my hybrid speckled chickens stopped laying suddenly mid March, having been laying all winter. Only 1 was over 3 years old, 2 were c. 2 yrs old, and 2 were under 1 year old.They all appeared to be completely healthy.

Since then one chicken has died, and  the only eggs I have had from the others have been 'lash' eggs, eggs with paper thin shells, or soft 'rubber' shells.

I have consulted an Avian vet who has analysed their droppings and found only slight evidence of commonly occurring roundworms, which have now been treated with Flubenvet. Still no viable eggs.

Any ideas?  I wondered if it could be 'Egg drop syndrome', but the vet says that is unlikely, and my neighbours chickens are unaffected, which seems to support her view.

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