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Autodoor control panel weather seal issue

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I have just installed the Omlet autodoor. I also have the coop light. My problem is that the weather seal under the control panel box through which the two wires emerge is so stiff and unyielding, it doesn't actually effectively allow passage of the wires to the outside world. When the back panel is screwed down onto the main panel box with the four screws (one each corner), the wires and the weather seal actually stop the two halves of the casing coming together properly, forming a gap all along the lower edge, and the casing is all distorted and curved. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong here. The instructions say just to clamp the wires between the two rubber seals. I've asked people on a Facebook group and no one else seems to have this issue. I've emailed customer support but awaiting an answer and I know they're busy.

My description above of the problem is a bit naff, so I did a youtube video to illustrate the issue. (Apologies for the noise auto-focus on my camera.)


A weather seal that actually creates a gap!!!! 

Thanks all.


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