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ex batts not laying?

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Hi All,


I rescued 3 ex-batts at the beginning of October and they kindly produced us 2-3 eggs a day. I was in hospital having our baby for 5 days and they stopped laying - now I thought it was due to me being away and them missing me (wishful thinking), but I've been back a month and giving them attention again - but still no eggs.


I can remember watching Jimmys farm and his ex-batts stopped laying for a while - I think it's when they get a taste of what life can really be like - but any idea when approximately they start again?



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ours haven't stopped, the amount varies but on average we get a dozen a week, we have to keep giving them away as there's only me and DH and we can't keep up!


So, I thought I'd have a google to see if I could help and did find this site




which says..


"For egg's, expect a few in the first couple of days, then none for quite a while. They take time to adapt..."


I think we've been very lucky but maybe yours just need to settle in and get used to their new life?

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