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Claire B

Advice Please

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Advice please, my husband is wonderful and has taken to to the chicken as if they were his own and has even been advising me to get a cube so we can get some more. :lol: . The only problem I have is that I have decide to make life easier for me, especially in the winter to have a permanent run built to make it easier for me to clean my girls out but my darling husband has admitted he is not up to the challenger of building me one as he has no DIY skills at all :roll: . So I have been looking on the internet to see about getting a poultry pen but they are really expensive. While I was searching I discovered avery panels which are much cheaper but are they good enough to keep my safe and sound?


Has anyone got any advice or maybea simple step by step plan on how to build a run so I could have a go myself :?:



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I don't think our run is much more than glorified aviary panels. DH built it with pressure treated timber and welded mesh.


see the link in my signature.


It's attached to the fence and there are corner posts going about 2 foot down into the ground , which it is attached to also. The corner posts are the orangey coloured bits of wood.


Will your run be on soil or concrete and do you have a link to a picture of the panels you had in mind?


We already had the mesh left over from our old aviary and the wood and screws probably cost about £60-ish.

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I am thinking of putting the pen onto paving slabs. I have attached two pictures of the avery panels I was looking at. I was going to get them to make me a combination of the two as I would want at least two boards at the bottom of the panels to stop by chooks kicking the hemcore out.

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they look great, just make sure the timber is pressure treated or at least treated against the elements and also that the mesh is weld and at least 16 guage (which it looks to be but difficult to tell).


DH put some kickboards at the bottom of our run himself but if you can get the manufacturer to do it for you then so much the better.


Make sure you have a door, for obvious reasons, DH made ours into a stable door so we can feed them treats and top up their water without them all trying to leg it into the garden :)


Secure it/screw it down to the concrete, to make it stable and it should be great.

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