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I think I have OCD

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obsessive chicken de-pooping :)


DH normally does the poo duty. We pick out all the clumps of poop from the coop every day. The aubiose helps as it tends to stick to it, making it easier to remove (as most of you already know).


DH is going to be late home today so I've had to do it. But, whenever I do it, I am not happy unless I've removed every single bit of poop and then turned over the aubiose (to aerate it) and then level it off, so there is an even covering over the floor of the coop.


There is quite a lot of it as they go to bed at sunset and we close the coop door and they don't come out till 7.45am-ish. 4 chickens pooing for about 15/16 hours! :shock:


Yes, I think I have OCD! :D

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Me too! I do it every morning and am getting even worse now as since Priscilla and Muriel have started laying they make a big crater in the aubiose in the nest box and mix all the poo in. I have to sieve through it all with my Value slotted spoon! Muriel has taken to coming in the coop at the same time to make sure I do it properly! :roll:

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. I have to sieve through it all with my Value slotted spoon!


I use some barbecue tools that we got free when I ordered some cookware.


The long handles are great for getting into all the nooks and crannies! I drag all the aubiose towards me, sieve it through my fingers (I wear surgical gloves!) and pick out the poop which goes into a bucket (ready for the compost heap) and then when all the poop has gone, I push it all back into place. I sit on a garden chair while I do it and the girls come in to see if they can help, they talk to me and try to escape through the open nest box! On a sunny day like today, it's a nice job but in the rain!!!!! :(

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The hens will turn the Aubiose over to aerate it. They love scratching.




that's the OCD bit, it MUST be aerated then levelled!!!!! ;) I enjoy the end result, when it's all nice and fresh again and it's a good excuse to spend even longer with the girls.

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