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any comment about Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Chicken Run?

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Bonjour tout le monde!!


i am sure most keen chook keepers took the time to watch the Chicken run programme that's on channel four at the moment.


i knew what to expect as to how intensively farmed chickens never see any daylight and have no space to move around (so much so that they are hardly able to use their legs!!). But seeing it all on the screen nearly made me sick!!!

And still, i am sure it must get worse in some places where TV cameras cannot go, as i remember a "pirate" footage of some bloke handling some birds from an intensive chicken farm in the most ruthless manner, even beating them up for his own pleasure! Disgusting attitude! Even a lot more disgusting whenyou think that these same chickens are sold to the public later on!


Anyway... i can't wait for the final episde of the ckicken run, which starts n a few minutes from now!!!


don't you think that this kind of programme shoud also target battery hens... because the conditions these animals are kept in are atrocious as well! They can hardly move at all!!!


anyway... It makes me feel even better to provide a great life to my own chooks...

anyone wants to make any comment???



Bisou a tous,



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:D Hi Yann, good to hear from you. There's a whole topic running about this already, in Nesting Box. Do come & join in!

So, if you don't mind, I'll lock yours instead of having another started on the same subject.

You were in the right section though! :)

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