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Only one hen left

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I wanted to come on here today to ask a question. 
I have a 8 year old hen. She has been on her own for over a year now. I was told by someone else with chickens that we shouldn’t try rehoming her to another flock because of her age. However, I am unsure if that is actually the case so I wanted to see with you guys. I have been more recently told by others that it may be best to try and find her a new flock. 
I am at university and because she is at my family home, she doesn’t get the attention she deserves. Also because of this I am unable to get more chickens. She gets snacks most days but not a lot of other attention. I just can’t imagine it’s great, however, she still runs out when you go to give her snacks, is social when you are there, and takes dirt baths.
I love her, but I really want what’s best. 
Any suggestions? 
Thank you in advance.

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