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Another bokashi question

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Yet another bokashi question, Rob :) .


How much bran do you put on the food? Do you cover it completely so you can't see any of the food? I'm getting through a lot of bran doing it that way.


And, do you wash out your bin when you empty it out? Sorry it's such a trivial question :oops: but it hardly seems worth washing it when you're filling it up with leftovers again :? .

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We sprinkle bran over the whole surface of the food but not enough to cover it completely. Basically, when you look at it, you can still see through the bran to the food. I should think you will be getting through a lot of bran if you cover the surface completely :?


Yes, we do wash the bin out. The main reason being that once the contents have been disturbed and emptied out then the bin stinks to high heaven :lol:



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