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Laying in the wrong place...

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I have 4 hens and very recently the youngest one has just started to lay YAY! :D:D:D


Unfortunately she is laying her eggs in the run so the others can use them as footballs :( Everybody else lays in the nesting boxes and have never laid anywhere else. I used a rubber egg to give them the idea when I first got them. It's almost like she doesn't know when she is going to lay and they just "drop out" when she's not expecting it :oops:


Will she get the idea and move into the nest boxes or am I destined to play hunt the egg forever?


Chili xx

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Is it that she doesn't want to use the nest box or do the others just evict her?


My huge cochin has just started laying this week. Every egg has been laid in the garden. Today, I found her in the nest box and got all excited. Then, one of my hybrids went running up the ladder and intimidated the cochin who left the cube and laid in the garden again.


I wonder if your hen is having the same problem.

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That's a good point. This hen, (named Lucky - but isn't very) is at the bottom of the pecking order. However, we have noticed the eggs when all the other hens are out free ranging and not in the hen house, but it wouldn't surprise me if that is what's happening. I will keep a closer eye on the situation now.


Many thanks :D

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