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Hippie Chick

Fairlands Farm Layers Pellet With Probiotic

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Hi everyone,

I want to ask if anyone knows the ingredient list for Fairlands Farm Layers Pellets with Probiotic.  I'm struggling to get hold of layers pellets that are affordable but a lot of the cheaper ones  (which are now far more expensive than the organic layers price 2 years ago 😲 ) so I'm looking into new brands to try.  These appear to be decent but mysteriously no seller lists the ingredients which makes me wonder if they're GM soya or something else that they're hiding.  

Has anyone tried them and can anyone list the ingredients for me?



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The ingredients will be on a label on the bag, so find a retail outlet and have a look. Our rearers here have probiotic and it does keep their digestive system in good order. I've often wondered why UK pellets don't have them, but perhaps after 10 years you have caught up? They don't feature in our layers pellets though, so we add a small amount of rearers to the feeders when they are filled as necessary. The difference in poos is noticeable after two days.

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Thank you, I can't get to any physical stores that sell them as there are none near me so I think I shall probably email and ask an online store to tell me the ingredients.  The information about the probiotic is very interesting.  

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