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Connecting Eglu go to older mk1 walk in run

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Hi! Does anyone know where I can get a the part to connect an eglu go to a mk1 walk in run? The omlet site only seems to have the connector for the mk2 walk in run. 
Also, while I'm asking, what's the difference between the mk1 and mk2 walk in run? I've brought an old one 2nd hand and am assuming it a mk1 but is there an obvious way of telling the difference?

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I think the shape of the roof has changed somewhat. Not sure about any other differences. 
You could measure the panel and compare it to the connector kit. Or just give Omlet a ring and see if they either still have mk1 connectors or if they can tell you it will fit. 
Alternatively, a pair of wire cutters and a bunch of tie wraps. Seal the cut ends of the wire with green nail polish.

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