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Veg questions.

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Hi all, this year we would like to have a go at growing our own veg. We tried last year, but the squirels got them before we did. We have some large plant pots that we would like to grow some potatoes in. We have grown potatoes before, we just got a potatoe out of the fridge and left it to grow some roots, then planted it, a few moths later we had little mini potatoes but I heared something about burrying the plant once it has started growing?

Also whats the best time of year to grow them?

What else could we grow in big pots? I would love to try carrots, are they easy to grow?

What's the best time of year to grow veg?


Thank you for any help!



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Well your busiest time of year to start sowing seeds in going to be March-May time. But at this time of year you can start to grow leeks and broad beans.


By the way, if you can get hold of this month's Gardener's World Magazine you'd find it a great help because Jamie Oliver has written a piece with a veg grwoing and harvesting calender and some good varieties.

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If you plant your potatoes fairly close to the bottom of the pot and as they grow through put more soil into the pot, and when the plant is near the top let it grow. You will need really big pots to get good results. You can also do it in black plastic sacks with holes punched in the bottom.


I would also try carrots, spring onions,lettuce, and if the pots are really big and won't fall over too easily climbing french beans, or you could try dwarf beans.

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