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Chickens refuse to go to coop.

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Hi, :D

If we ever go out and wish for them to go inside their coop they run around the garden with me chasing it! :lol:

We also have borders with trees and bushes which makes it a load harder as they hide behind them. :(

It took me about ten minutes today, Colonel and Kentucky went in straight away with no hassle, but Popcorn...

We had to hold her down in the border, then picked her up in the usual way :!:

It is only at daytime when the sun is out they play up and dusk when I go out they will casualy walk in as I go towards them.

Is there anyway without a hassle to get them or just Popcorn :lol: in the coop when we go out :?:

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did you only get them a cple of days ago? they probably don't know the routine yet. Try tempting them back in with treats, dried meal worms or maybe sweetcorn? if you scatter some in their run then they should go back in, that's what we do with ours if we need to get them back in before it gets dark.

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food, in the form of treats.


Mine will do anything for mixed organic corn ( i have a sack of it - lasts for ages) and i give them a little bit as a treat - we have no problems getting them in....they run after us!! :lol:


you could try anything - sweetcorn, grapes, raisins etc. Once they associate you with treats you shouldnt have a problem.

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