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growing potatoes in pots. how do i store the spare seeds?

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bonjour tout le monde!


i feel well excited today because i received my order of potato seed!!

(red duke of york, pink fir apple and Ezzle blue)


i do intend to do it properly this year, so any advice you have about growing spuds in pots would be greatly appreciated...


can i use home made compost for it??


anyway, my main question is: i have three large pots, and intend to plant three or four potato seeds per pots,

but then, how do i store the spare seeds?

how long are they going to keep?

see... i wouldn't like them to go to waste and have to pay again to get my next lot of seeds...


Thank you for any comment!!!



:o:o Yann

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My current issue of "Kitchen Garden" suggests keeping some spare seed potatoes in the fridge and then planting them out later in the year for Christmas new spuds :)


You can also save potatoes from your crop (in the fridge, presumably, or a clamp - the bigger the seed potato, the better (apparently).

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